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The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart

Aaron Spilling at Aviation Photography has compiled a chart for paint equivalency across different brands.


Very useful particularly for getting that correct shade.




Update : 22 April 2009

From Aaron Spilling :

Hi Guys,


Just to let you all know that The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart has been updated.


The latest updates include:

  • Addition of the Testors Pactra range of paints - over 125 colours now included
  • Major update to Testors PollyScale range -over 100 colours now included
  • Over 600 RGB approximations added/updated
  • Full screen compatible - hit the toggle full-screen button to use maximum desktop area - this does not allow searching but maximises viewable data.
  • Or use Internet Explorer's or Firefox's full screen option (F11 or View/Full screen) to see nearly as much data but allows searching
  • Better display management - no longer is the vertical scroll bar disappearing off the right hand side of the screen. The chart is locked to the display size with a horizontal scroll bar appearing as needed while keeping all the selection panels in-view - even with re-sizing
  • PDF version is now a whopping 224 pages and is only available as a 2.2MB Zip file. This has grown considerably due to the increase in RGB approximations

Don't forget that when searching for colours/colors, due to UK/US spelling differences, you may want to search for ‘grey' or ‘gray', ‘aluminium' or ‘aluminum' etc.

Hopefully in the coming days there will be a major update on the White Ensign range. To be followed by Agama and Floquil. If there are other ranges you want to see in the chart please let me know.

Best regards





Update : 16 February 2009

From Aaron Spilling :

Search is finally here.

Along with another great feature – a filter on FS595.


  1. FS595 filter. When enabled, click in the header of the FS filter column and start typing what you're looking for. For example, if you type 340 you'll be shown all FS595 numbers that start with 340 (34077/34079/34082 etc) - the list will contract as you type. Very handy if you want to see what's ‘close' to what you're looking for.

  2. Search. Enter anything in here to search the currently selected columns. Hence the reason for the ‘select all' button - this allows you to search everything. The search is not case-sensitive. For example, searching for ‘Hemp', ‘HEMP', ‘hemp', ‘hEmP' will produce the same results.

  3. Don't forget about column sorting. The default sort is on FS595 - simply click on the header of another column to sort on that one. If you hover over the column you'll see the number 1 along with an arrow pointing up, click on it to reverse the sort order. For multi-column sorting simply hover over the ‘number' area in the header of the column and you can click to create a secondary or tertiary sort etc.


Now that I (hope) I have most of the programming side out of the way, I can now turn my attentions to updating the paint data to make it as accurate as possible. On this note, if you feel a reference in incorrect please email me to let me know - if nobody tells me I don't know it's wrong!


Sponsorship/donations: This site relies on donations and sponsorship to keep it going, if you know of anyone (model manufacturer, magazine etc) that may be interested in sponsoring this site, please let me know. Likewise if you feel this site is a valuable resource to you, the hobby modeller, please consider a donation to help ensure the long-term development of the site.





Updated November 2008

Changes :

The UMPCC is now on it's own site :
and it has a Flash-based online version!

This new version allows sorting, filtering and even has a little colour swatch.

Try it out now!

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